Product Summary

The MT8962AS is a ISO2-CMOS integrated PCM filter codec. The MT8962AS designed to meet the demanding performance needs of the digital telecommunications industry, e.g., PABX, Central Office, Digital telephones.


MT8962AS absolute maximum ratings: (1)DC Supply Voltages: -0.3 to +6.0 V; (2)DC Supply Voltages: -6.0 to +0.3 V; (3)Reference Voltage: GNDA to VDD V; (4)Analog Input: VEE to VDD V; (5)Digital Inputs: GNDD-0.3 to VDD+0.3 V; (6)Digital Inputs: VEE-0.3 to VDD+0.3 V; (7)Output Voltage: GNDD-0.3 to VDD+0.3 V; (8)Output Voltage: VEE-0.3 to VDD+0.3 V; (9)Output Voltage: VEE-0.3 to VDD+0.3 V; (10)Current On Any Pin: 20 mA; (11)Storage Temperature: -55 to +125 °C; (12)Power Dissipation at 25°C (Derate 16 mW/°C above 75°C): 500 mW.


MT8962AS features: (1)Digitally controlled gain adjust of both filters; (2)Analog and digital loopback; (3)Filters and codec independently user accessible for testing; (4)Powerdown mode available; (5)2.048 MHz master clock input; (6)Up to six uncommitted control outputs; (7)±5V ±5% power supply.


MT8962AS pin connection