Product Summary

The 29F16G08ABAC is a 16M-bit, 5.0 V-only Flash memory organized as 2M bytes of 8 bits each or 1M words of 16 bits each. The MBM29F160TE/BE is offered in a 48-pin TSOP (I) package. The 29F16G08ABAC is designed to be programmed in-system with the standard system 5.0 V VCC supply. 12.0 V VPP is not required for write or erase operations. The device can also be reprogrammed in standard EPROM programmers. The standard 29F16G08ABAC offers access times of 55 ns, 70 ns and 90 ns, allowing operation of high-speed microprocessors without wait states.


29F16G08ABAC absolute maximum ratings: (1)storage temperature: -55 to 125℃; (2)ambient temperature with power applied: -40 to 85℃; (3)voltage with respect to ground all pins except A9: -2 to 7V; (4)power supply voltage: -2 to 7V.


29F16G08ABAC features: (1)0.23 mm Process Technology; (2)Single 5.0 V read, program and erase Minimizes system level power requirements; (3)Compatible with JEDEC-standard commands Uses same software commands as E2PROMs; (4)Compatible with JEDEC-standard world-wide pinouts 48-pin TSOP (I) (Package suffix: TN-Normal Bend Type, TR-Reversed Bend Type; (5)Minimum 100,000 program/erase cycles.


29F16G08ABAC pin connection