Product Summary

The AT28C1615PI is a battery-voltage parallel EEPROM. It offers access times to 200ns with power dissipation of just 54mW.


AT28C1615PI absolute maximum ratings: (1)temperature under bias: -55 to 125℃; (2)storage temperature: -65 to 150℃; (3)all input voltage: -0.6 to 6.25V; (4)All output voltage: -0.6 to VCC+0.5V; (5)Voltage on OE and A9 with respect to ground: -0.6 to 13.5V.


AT28C1615PI features: (1)single 2.7 to 3.6V; (2)Fast read access time-200ns; (3)automatic page write operation; (4)fast write cycle times; (5)low power dissipation; (6)hardware and software data protection.


AT28C1615PI pin connection