Product Summary

The AZ1084D-ADJ is a low dropout positive voltage regulator with a maximum dropout of 1.5V at 5A of load current. The applications of the AZ1084D-ADJ are High Efficiency Linear Regulators, Battery Chargers, Post Regulation for Switching Supply, Microprocessor Supply.


AZ1084D-ADJ absolute maximum ratings: (1)Operating Junction Temperature Range:150℃; (2)Storage Temperature Range:-65 to 150℃; (3)Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec.):300℃; (4)ESD (Human Body Model):2000 V.


AZ1084D-ADJ features: (1)Low Dropout Voltage: 1.3V Typically at 5A; (2)Current Limiting and Thermal Protection; (3)Output Current: 5A; (4)Current Limit: 6.5A; (5)Operating Junction Temperature Range:0 to 125℃; (6)Line Regulation: 0.015% (Typical); (7)Load Regulation: 0.2% (Typical).


AZ1084D-ADJE1 pin connection