Product Summary

The PALCE26V12H-20 is a 28-pin version of the popular PAL22V10 architecture. Built with low-power, highspeed, electrically-erasable CMOS technology, PALCE26V12H-20 offers many unique advantages.


PALCE26V12H-20absolute maximum ratings: (1)Storage temperature: –65°C to +150°C; (2)Ambient temperature with power applied: –55°C to +125°C; (3)Supply voltage with respect to ground: –0.5 V to +7.0 V; (4)DC input voltage: –0.6 V to +7.0 V; (5)DC Output or I/O pin voltage: –0.5 V to VCC + 0.5 V; (6)Static discharge voltage: 2001 V.


PALCE26V12H-20 features: (1)28-pin versatile PAL programmable logic device architecture; (2)Electrically erasable CMOS technology provides half power (only 115 mA)at high speed (7.5 ns propagation delay); (3)14 dedicated inputs and 12 input/output macrocells for architectural flexibility; (4)Macrocells can be registered or combinatorial, and active high or active low; (5)Varied product term distribution allows up to 16 product terms per output; (6)Two clock inputs for independent functions; (7)Global asynchronous reset and synchronous preset for initialization; (8)Register preload for testability and built-in register reset on power-up; (9)Space-efficient 28-pin SKINNYDIP and PLCC packages; (10)Center VCC and GND pins to improve signal characteristics; (11)Extensive third-party software and programmer support through FusionPLD partners.


PALCE26V12H-20 pin connection