Product Summary

The MC1374P includes an FM audio modulator, sound carrier oscillator, RFoscillator, and RF dual input modulator. It is designed to generate a TV signalfrom audio and video inputs. The wide dynamic range and low distortion audio of the MC1374P make it particularly well suited for applications such as video tape recorders, video disc players, TV games and subscription decoders.


MC1374P absolute maximum ratings (TA=25°C, unless otherwise noted. ) : (1) Supply Voltage :14 Vdc; (2) Operating Ambient Temperature Range : 0 to +70 °C; (3) Storage Temperature Range :–65 to +150 °C; (4) Junction Temperature :150 °C; (5) Power Dissipation Package:1.25W (6) Derate above 25°C :10 mW/°C.


MC1374P features : (1) Single Supply, 5.0 V to 12 V; (2) Channel 3 or 4 Operation; (3) Variable Gain RF Modulator; (4) Wide Dynamic Range; (5) Low Intermodulation Distortion; (6) Positive or Negative Sync; (7) Low Audio Distortion; (8) Few External Components.


MC1374P pin connection